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Stainless steel our passion & competence

Stainless steel our passion & competence

Profile production

Stainless steel profiles made of folded, bent or welded sheet metal. Within the sheet thickness tolerances, you can obtain from us everything from precisely manufactured polygonal profiles to…

Cutting service

Stainless steel blanks can be produced quickly and easily thanks to water and Laser cutting equipment and modern mechanical processing methods.

Assembly production

With the highest level of product and manufacturing quality, we offer optimally coordinated product solutions.

Special Services Stainless Steel

Special production methods for individual customer requirements, such as machining, flow forming and component assembly up to a unit weight of 4 tonnes.

Surface treatment

All important surface treatment processes, which guarantee a high quality standard, are practiced by us on state-of-the-art equipment.

Our 48-hour-service!

Laser parts and edge profiles, which we produce for you within 2 days ready for collection.

Fastening Accessories and Standard parts

Threaded rods,screws, nuts and washers, recess bodies and bushings, centering systems for precast parts, transport and lifting systems

Product areas and categories for fastening technology and industrial componants