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Stainless steel our passion & competence

Stainless steel our passion & competence

Elastomeric bearings

Elastomer compensating bearings are dimensionally stable and durable!

You can obtain whole rolls or blanks from us at short notice.
We call the design without approval "compensation quality" (AQ).
The version with approval is called "guideline quality" (RQ).

The compensation quality is without further technical specifications, however, this quality can be assumed to be about 5 N/mm² at the permissible compressive stress.

    Elastomere Gummilager auf Rollen
    Elastomere Lager zugeschnitten und gelocht
    Elastomere Gummilager auf Rollen
    • from the roll, precisely tailored for you as a blank, with or without perforation, made up
    • inexpensive, since directly in large quantities from the rubber producer
    • complete with the corresponding stainless steel fastening constructions and the appropriate screw or dowel connections
    Use and application
    • for vibration and shock damping on precast concrete elements
    • as sound or noise insulation on corridor, staircase and roof elements
    • for position compensation between several contact points of two components

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