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Stainless steel our passion & competence

Stainless steel our passion & competence

On-demand storage

A special service is the extensive stock-keeping for our customers; either in the Kanban system or as temporary call-off stock with defined call-off quantities. This allows us to significantly reduce costs for the customer, as we can operate with interesting series sizes.
In the case of smaller parts, such as standard, turned and milled parts, optimal packaging units are then determined, which favors fast processing and saves follow-up costs.

Photo: Photo: On-demand storage
On-demand storage

Do you regularly purchase special Stainless steel components? Have you already thought about combining the quantities and processing them via a call-off order?

  • cheaper production due to lower set-up and administration costs per unit
  • better packaging options with defined packaging quantities and labelling
  • reduction of the storage space required in-house and thus lower storage costs
  • more liquidity for other projects through lower capital commitment
  • faster delivery and greater certainty of the delivery date because of sufficient lead time

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