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Stainless steel our passion & competence

Stainless steel our passion & competence

Our Materials

Stainless steel - our common materials
1.4301 | 1.4362 | 1.4404 | 1.4571 | 1.4062 | 1.4162 | 1.4462

Essential alloy components and properties

Ti (titanium), N (niobium)

Improves the weldability

C (carbon)

Increases hardness, tensile strength, brittleness, from 0.3% steel is hardenable, lowers Corrosion resistance and weldability

Cr (chrome)

Most important component of stainless steels, increases Corrosion resistance and wear resistance

Ni (nickel)

Increases toughness, from 8% Corrosion resistance, austenite former

Cu (copper)

Increases the toughness

Mn (manganese)

Increases tensile strength, austenite former

Mo (molybdenum)

Increases Corrosion resistance, deteriorates toughness, lowers temperature resistance during the sigma phase in duplex steel

N (nitrogen)

Increases tensile strength and Corrosion resistance

Si (silicon)

Improves scale resistance and, at higher contents, Corrosion resistance, e.g. with highly concentrated nitric acid

P (phosphorus), S (sulphur)

Improves machinability, deteriorates weldability and Corrosion resistance