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Stainless steel our passion & competence

Stainless steel our passion & competence

Dowels and anchorsystems for heavy-duty

We supply you as a base dealer of well-known anchor manufacturers stainless steel anchors or types of dowels such as:

  • composite anchor - adhesive anchor - reaction anchor - injection anchor
  • composite mortar - adhesive mortar - injection mortar
  • anchor rods (ASTA) to the bonded anchors and the adhesive mortar, also in special sizes
  • undercut anchor - heavy duty anchor - safety anchor
  • wedge anchor - anchor bolt - long-shaft dowel
  • facade plug - frame plug; also in special lengths up to L = 320 mm
  • facing anchor - facing renovation anchor - facing renovation anchor
  • drop-in anchor - drop-in anchor - drop-in dowel
  • scaffolding anchors - scaffolding dowels - scaffolding eyes
  • anchor anchor - wire anchor - eye anchor
Steel plugs FAZ
Long-shaft dowel

Product information

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  • our large purchase quantities guarantee you favorable purchase prices, even for your smaller needs
  • many of the anchor systems in stainless steel we have in stock
  • for our stock standard articles we supply you with the exact quantity you need, you do not have to take off the whole packaging
Use and application
  • in new facade construction and for facade renovation
  • made of Mat. 1.4529 for tunnel construction
  • for cladding and joint coverings
  • for fastening machines and systems

Product areas and categories for fastenings technolody and industrial components