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Stainless steel our passion & competence

Stainless steel our passion & competence

Your leading manufacturer of masonry
and precast concrete façade fixings

As a market-leading company in the field of masonry and precast concrete façade fastening, we are particularly known as experts in the application of stainless steel.
With our in-house engineering office for structural analysis, we offer you professional advice, project support and elaboration.


  • Quality and top performance in fastening systems for facing masonry and precast concrete façades
  • Special constructions for heavy-duty fixings for renovation of old buildings and monuments as well as tunnel and bridge construction
MOSO® fastening systems for masonry facades and precast concrete elements

MOSO® is the product brand of the MODERSOHN company and refers to all system products manufactured in-house for the construction industry. Façade panel anchors for precast concrete elements, Masonry support sytems for ventilated curtain façades or our popular product MOSO® perforated strip, Masonry reinforcement for constructural crack protection, are among our top products made of Stainless steel and Lean Duplex steel.

Façade panel anchor MOSO® FB-H
Parapet anchor MOSO® FB-EJ
Serrated restraint anchor MOSO® FB-ZWU
Anchor channel MOSO® MBA-CE
Pressure Screw MOSO® FB-DS
Single bracket MOSO® EK-U with MOSOTherm V-pulley
Single bracket anchor with pressure screw MOSO® EK-D
Angle support bracket anchor MOSO® WK-N
Precast fixings with pressure screw MOSO® FB-D
Angle fixings MOSO® WA-D
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Reference projects
Photo: reference Elbphilharmonie Hamburg
Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg
Construction made of stainless steel
Construction made of
stainless steel
Moscow Metro, Moscow
Moscow Metro, Moscow

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