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Stainless steel our passion & competence

Stainless steel our passion & competence

Your leading manufacturer of masonry
and precast concrete façade fixings

As a market-leading company in the field of masonry and precast concrete façade fastening, we are particularly known as experts in the application of stainless steel.
With our in-house engineering office for structural analysis, we offer you professional advice, project support and elaboration.


  • Quality and top performance in fastening systems for facing masonry and precast concrete façades
  • Special constructions for heavy-duty fixings for renovation of old buildings and monuments as well as tunnel and bridge construction
MOSO® fastening systems for masonry facades and precast concrete elements

MOSO® is the product brand of the MODERSOHN company and refers to all system products manufactured in-house for the construction industry. Façade panel anchors for precast concrete elements, Masonry support sytems for ventilated curtain façades or our popular product MOSO® perforated strip, Masonry reinforcement for constructural crack protection, are among our top products made of Stainless steel and Lean Duplex steel.

Façade panel anchor MOSO® FB-H
Parapet anchor MOSO® FB-EJ
Serrated restraint anchor MOSO® FB-ZWU
Anchor channel MOSO® MBA-CE
Pressure Screw MOSO® FB-DS
Single bracket MOSO® EK-U with MOSOTherm V-pulley
Single bracket anchor with pressure screw MOSO® EK-D
Angle support bracket anchor MOSO® WK-N
Precast fixings with pressure screw MOSO® FB-D
Angle fixings MOSO® WA-D
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Modersohn B2B Online Shop for standard parts and fastening accessories

MODERSOHN® B2B Online Shop for standard parts and fastening accessories

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Reference projects
Photo: reference Elbphilharmonie Hamburg
Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg
Photo: V_A Dundee_Scotland ©HuftonCrow_105
V&A Museum, Dundee
Construction made of stainless steel
Construction made of
stainless steel
Moscow Metro, Moscow
Moscow Metro, Moscow

Are you planning a project? We accompany you with ourdigital project upload.

Project inquiry

With our project upload we receive your project data for checking or processing. At the same time we will open a project folder with us - free of charge, of course - and will be available to answer your questions and comments. In this way, you and we can be sure that your enquiry reaches the right expert.

Our sales partners abroad

Service all along the line, obtain our brand products also abroad!

We work closely with knowledgeable and experienced sales partners in Great Britain, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway.

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