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Stainless steel our passion & competence

Stainless steel our passion & competence

K-Line - the straight way to your product!

The K-Line is our 48-hour service for customers who need their Stainless steel or Lean Duplex steel components particularly quickly.

Whether industry, trade or construction:
Depending on the quantity required (please consult the sales representative in advance!), orders can be made available for collection or dispatch within two working days under the following conditions.

  •     the order corresponds to the matrix of the K-line
  •     the order is received on weekdays by 15.00 at the latest
  •     the required input material is in stock in sufficient quantity and quality

Please note that this short delivery date is also quantity-dependent.
Larger quantities may have to be divided into several partial deliveries.
Please speak to our specialist advisors in sales.

      Various laser parts and folded parts
      Simple laser cut

      Product information

      Our K-line matrix gives you immediate information about whether your product is suitable for our express production.

      View the matrix

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      Thanks to our express production, you can quickly and easily obtain your edges, components or cut parts.

      Our K-Line matrix gives you immediate information as to whether your product is suitable for our express production.

      • Short offer processing time
      • Optimised workflows
      • Quick transport and working distances, because everything is in one location
      Available work steps
      • Laser cutting up to t = 35 mm
      • Water jet cutting up to 100 mm
      • Shear plates | round steels | ribbed gate steels
      • Flexing | sawing
      • Loop deburring | hand deburring
      • Flattening
      • Thread cutting | countersink drilling
      • Folding | folding
      • Weld seam preparation
      • Chamfer grinding by machine
      • Glass bead blasting | corundum blasting
      • Pickling | washing | passivation
      • Electropolishing (in preparation)
      You want to know more about the K-Line?

      To the request

      Feel free to contact us!
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      We would also be happy to advise you directly at your premises.
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      Or send us an enquiry right away.

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