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Stainless steel our passion & competence

Stainless steel our passion & competence

Single bracket anchors

The MOSO® Single bracket anchor is the universal anchor for the support of masonry facings.
Different variants allow the use for almost every purpose.


  • quickly available from stock in standard sizes   
  • height adjustable
  • wall distances of up to 360 mm are possible with our type-tested brackets due to increased thermal insulation
  • we supply you with the approved air-layer wire anchors up to 400 mm to match
MOSO® single bracket anchor, the universal anchor by Modersohn
MOSO® single bracket anchor EK-U
MOSO® EK-D - Single bracket anchor with adjustable pressure screw EK-D
MOSO® Single bracket anchor EK-D with adjustable pressure screw
MOSO® EK-L, single bracket anchor with elongated support
MOSO® single bracket anchor EK-L with elongated support
MOSO® EK-G, single bracket anchor for lintels with low masonry height
MOSO® single bracket anchor EK-G for lintels

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  • Load stages: 4.0 kN — 8.0 kN — 12.0 kN
  • Wall clearances: 20 mm - 450 mm
  • Height adjustment: ± 25 mm
  • Material: stainless steel of corrosion resistance class (CRC) I-V
  • Validation: support anchor head according to DIBt Z-21.8-1892 | type testing TP-19-0018


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