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Stainless steel our passion & competence

Stainless steel our passion & competence

Panel hanger

The MOSO® suspended access anchor is a system approved by the building authorities for vertical load transfer from curtain wall concrete facades.
It consists of upper part, middle part and installation part.

There are several variants available for the upper part depending on the structural situation.
The standard upper part FB-HO1 is attached to the face of a concrete wall or ceiling.
The FB-HO1A variant is available for fixing to a ceiling.
If one mounting point is not sufficient, our twin-hole variants FB-HO2 and FB-HO2A can be used.

The middle part FB-HM connects the upper part and the installation part by means of a threaded rod. This allows stepless adjustment in length and thus adaptation to local conditions.

The installation part FB-HE is particularly suitable for installation in narrow precast concrete elements.
For smaller load steps and a large concrete core at the same time, MOSO® CE Anchor channels are a cost-effective alternative to the built-in part FB-HE.

MOSO® FB-H Panel hanger
MOSO® FB-H Panel hanger
MOSO® FB-HO1 single - hole - variant
MOSO® FB-HO1 upper part — single-hole-variant
MOSO® FB-HO2 twin - hole - variant
MOSO® FB-HO2 upper part — twin-hole-variant
FB-HO1A attica upper part - single - hole - variant
FB-HO1A attica upper part — single-hole-variant
FB-HO2A attica upper part - twin - hole - variant
FB-HO2A attica upper part — twin-hole-variant
MOSO® FB-HEA Installation part
MOSO® FB-HEA installation part
MOSO® FB-HEW Installation part
MOSO® FB-HEW installation part
MOSO® Panel hangers system mounted
MOSO® Panel hangers system mounted

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