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Stainless steel our passion & competence

Stainless steel our passion & competence

Joint covers & clamping profiles

We manufacture your requirements for rails, strips or cladding made of Stainless steel, whether for optical covering, mechanical or chemical protection, for clamping or as a guide for adjacent components.
In Stainless steel, we also fulfill very special requests for connecting parts.

Our production has equipment for punching series holes, flow drilling (for holes with collars), spot welding, plasma welding, Stud Welding or rivet setting (also rivet nuts). Of course, sheet metal blanks and profiles must not have sharp edges. Besides grinding, our machines can also deburr. This does not cause the problem of scratching the remaining surface. Deburring with applied protective foil is also possible.

Floor cover rails
Floor cover rails
Clamping rails
Clamping rails
Floor cover with access ramp
Floor cover with access ramp

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joint covers and clamping profiles?

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Project request

  • cleanly deburred workpieces with precise holes in exact hole arrangement by laser and water jet cutting
  • as a wholesaler, we deliver with the appropriate plugs or screws for the installation
  • as rolled sections also possible with desired embossing/inscription
  • with surface treatment, such as glass bead blasted, ground or stained


    Use and application
    • at expansion joints in in-situ concrete
    • for connection joints of precast concrete elements
    • as optical cover plates for walls and walls
    • for dirt and dust covers
    • as heavy drive-over covers in the ground
    • for the protection of crevices and cavities

    Product areas and categories for fastenings technolody and industrial components