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Stainless steel our passion & competence

Stainless steel our passion & competence

Connecting elements

We supply enclosures, constructions and components for medical technology, the food industry, vehicle construction, mechanical engineering, environmental technology and architecture, right up to complete Welded constructions with hinges and seals.
Thanks to fast and precise production with the highest level of quality, we offer you optimally coordinated product solutions from a single source.

Photo: Connecting elements
Connecting elements
Photo: Connecting elements
Connecting elements
Photo: Metro Moscow lamp fixing
Metro Moscow lamp fixing
Performance data
  • Threaded parts with metric standard thread up to M 56
  • Precise water jet cutting up to a thickness of 150 mm; often cheaper than machining
  • Setting of threaded bolts with the tip ignition and lift ignition method
  • Riveting of rivet studs and rivet nuts
  • Flow forming of holes with collars in thin sheet metal and subsequent thread cutting up to M 12
  • components with flat milled sheet surface
  • milling of serrated surfaces, with serrated counter plate as adjustment option
  • grounded, blasted and pickled surfaces quickly and economically with our own production facilities
  • short delivery times due to flexible production facilities and an extensive stock of sheet and bar steel

Product areas and categories for fastening technology and industrial componants