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Stainless steel our passion & competence

Stainless steel our passion & competence

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Stainless steel profiles

As a manufacturer and dealer of stainless steel profiles, MODERSOHN supplies profiles made of sheet metal, folded, rolled or drawn, in the lengths, dimensions and materials you require. From serial profiles to special profiles: the possibilities are very extensive.

For example, angles, U-profiles, Z-profiles, C-profiles, hat or omega profiles, edged or welded, are regularly produced as profile shapes. Even very thick profiles made of quarto plates are produced quickly and precisely up to material thicknesses of over 30 mm.

We manufacture for you: supporting profiles, holding profiles, cladding profiles, stiffening profiles, anchor rail profiles, mounting profiles, mounting rails, tension profiles, adjustment profiles, guide profiles, welded-on profiles, construction profiles, metal profiles, edge protection profiles, special profiles, special profiles, steel construction hollow profiles, tubes, profile tubes, tubular profiles, square tubes, square pipes, rectangular tubes, rectangular tubes, round tubes, round rods, profile bars or flat profiles.