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Stainless steel our passion & competence

Stainless steel our passion & competence

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Managing Director Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Jürgen Matzelle

We are a real service company!

For us, service means that we offer our customers full technical support, a high degree of flexibility in production and delivery times that are as short as possible. Our advantages are obvious:

  • Experience and processes optimised over many years guarantee our customers maximum reliability and product quality
  • Experienced planners help to optimise the total costs by precise construction and planning of the fasteners in coordination with the most favourable installation options
  • Consistent further development of the fastening products through new materials, improved production possibilities and optimised design variants

Useful tips for planning with MOSO® fastening systems

For new buildings

  • The availability of the construction drawings with façade view and façade section with the details:
  1. stone format
  2. Load heights
  3. wall or lintel lengths to be intercepted
  4. Wall construction in the anchoring area (e.g. window lintel details, wall distance [E], existing concrete heights etc.)
  • The general conditions for the installation depending on the construction site, which are not evident from the plans, should be clarified in advance.
  • Exact knowledge of the installation instructions and the user information of stainless steel

For old buildings

  • The existence of old and new construction drawings, from which the above-mentioned values result and the following details can also be seen:
  1. existing wall construction - planned wall construction
  2. Quality of the existing anchoring base (recommendation: have an expert opinion prepared, e.g. with tensile tests on exposed areas of the façade)
  3. Are there areas for renovation of existing facing brickwork? (Use of renovation anchors)
  4. Often photos (digital photos by e-mail) of existing façade details are also very useful
  • The general conditions for the installation, which depend on the construction site and are not evident from the plans, should be clarified beforehand.
  • The exact knowledge of the assembly instructions and the user information of stainless steel

Are you planning a project?We accompany you with our digital project upload.

Project request

With our project upload we receive your project data for checking or processing. At the same time we will open a project folder with us - free of charge, of course - and will be available to answer your questions and comments. In this way, you and we can be sure that your enquiry reaches the right expert.