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Stainless steel our passion & competence

Stainless steel our passion & competence

Recess body & implementation

Do you need special formwork made of Stainless steel, because the formwork cannot be removed after completion and moisture will lead to rust flags and rust spots?
Do you need formwork (made of galvanized material) for concrete floors, for shuttering, for expansion joints, for shrinkage crack joints, with doubling for the transmission of force at the joints, with the stiffening at the joint edges to prevent the concrete from chipping off? We can also supply you with special shapes and sizes made of normal steel primed or Stainless steel, inexpensive solutions made of plastic pipe with plug and simple nail plate are also possible.
We also have a very extensive stock of different plastic plugs. Openings and recesses are also available with lid or flap including hinges.

    Beispiel einer Kunststoffaussparungshülse mit Nagelrand an einer Druckabstüzung
    Stopfen Druckschraube
    Plugs pressure screw
    Runde Aussparungshülse Kunststoff
    Runde Aussparungshülse Kunststoff
    Ovale Aussparungshülse Kunststoff
    Use and application
    • recesses for fastening systems with sliding mandrel
    • for creating adjustment freedom on and with fastening systems
    • as additional formwork on in-situ concrete or prefabricated element for holes or niches
    • in order to be able to compensate for construction tolerances and thermal movement in in-situ concrete and precast elements in the area of the fastenings

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