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  • Product development, engineering, commercial products and production of anchoring systems and special parts, all from a single source
  • Perfect in the processing of stainless steel, as well as custom productions from small to medium batches
  • Extremely flexible organisation which enables very short delivery deadlines for custom and system elements productions for the construction industry
  • High-quality delivery service with very good product consulting and quality
  • Extensive inventory of standard parts, dowels, sheets, strips and long products made of stainless steel.
  • Above average material expertise in stainless steel. Particularly fast access to alternative materials made of stainless steel and product approvals in each individual case
  • Reliable competence in the calculation of façade fixings, even with finite elements
  • Quick access times to the results of material and product testing
  • From X-ray fluorescence testing in-house, or corrosion performance tests at the BAM (Federal Institute for Materials Research, Berlin) or mechanical tests in various partner laboratories
  • Flexible machines that process stainless steel in sheet processing from 0.5 to 110 mm material thickness
  • Extensive surface machining equipment, such as pickling, abrasive blasting, surface grinding,
    body grinding, deburring etc.
  • High expertise and well-trained staff from project planning through to distribution.

Example: engineers have fundamental practical construction experience, retailers are mainly trained technicians and engineers with additional business training, production with trained, skilled workers, trained forwarding merchants in distribution with experience in overseas shipments.

Stainless steel is a very high-quality material sector. Its processing requires special equipment and well-trained skilled workers. This is why we are committed to our location in Germany and produce exclusively "Made in Germany" in order to present our quality internationally.