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Stainless steel our passion & competence

Stainless steel our passion & competence

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Single bracket anchor

Bracket anchors are load-bearing anchors for the double-skin facing masonry façade. The forces of the facing shell are transferred laterally into the base material (usually concrete) via a height-adjustable support anchor head by means of an adjustable wedge washer and a projecting gusset plate with pressure point (also adjustable pressure screw). They can be designed as "single bracket anchors" or as "angle bracket anchors".
The single bracket is, as the name suggests, a load-bearing anchor for a single load application point. The individual brackets, arranged in line on a so-called interception level, then bear the load of the facing shell (façade) via the hardened stone bond. Due to their standardisation, they can be used flexibly and are usually available from stock at Modersohn in the standard load levels. Modersohn also has the CE mark, type tests and the building authority approval Z-21.8-1892 for the support anchor heads and Z-21.4-1907 for the precast lintel fastenings.