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Stainless steel our passion & competence

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Masonry reinforcement

Masonry reinforcement is understood to be the stabilisation of the masonry wall (disc) in the hardened mortar composite, by adding profiled force-absorbing material in the masonry joints. This can be profiles (strips, ribbed gate steel), or fabric made of steel, stainless steel or fibre-reinforced plastic.

With the MOSO® perforated strip, MODERSOHN has developed a masonry reinforcement for load-bearing lintels, which is made of high-strength steel (galvanised) or stainless steel (Lean Duplex Steel D4). The MOSO®-perforated tape can also be used in thin-bed joints and adhesive joints due to the low tape thickness. In this case, the claw, and thus the reinforcing effect, always takes place via the round holes with the mortar or adhesive plugs hardened in them. It has been proven that this type of hole compound is much more load-bearing in the masonry mortar than a ribbed steel reinforcement, which has been proven in tensile tests.

Accordingly, the MOSO® perforated strip is also used as crack protection against settlement cracks, shrinkage cracks and for point load and lateral load stabilisation. A further great advantage of the MOSO® perforated tape is that it is supplied rolled up in a box of 25, 50 or 100 m in length and can be cut to the required length with simple sheet metal scissors to fit exactly, without waste.