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Stainless steel our passion & competence

Stainless steel our passion & competence

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Specialist welding company

MODERSOHN is a certified welding company with the manufacturer's qualification according to DIN EN 1090 EXC3, also for dynamic loads. Prerequisite is the supervision by a welding engineer. For the welding supervision at Wilhelm Modersohn GmbH & Co. KG are Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolf-Berend Busch (Chairman of the Board of DVS in Westphalia, SFI/IWE), Plant Manager and Auditor Mr. Vitalij Pfeifer (Mechanical Engineer B. SC., SFI/IWE). MODERSOHN's second managing director Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Jürgen Matzelle is also a certified welding engineer (SFI/IWE) and can take over the welding supervision as third man.

MODERSOHN also processes numerous special materials, e.g. full austenite such as Wst. 1.4529, 1.4539, 1.4547 or duplex steels such as 1.4062, 1.4162, 1.4362, 1.4462, 1.4410 etc. For this reason, MODERSOHN also has numerous process tests and special approvals.
Everything is possible in the assembly halls, from very small welded constructions to welded trusses with a unit weight of up to 5 tons and a length of up to 14 meters.

The material qualities are checked with X-ray fluorescence equipment. With the equipment at MODERSOHN, even light elements up to Al (aluminium) or S (sulphur) can be measured. A measuring protocol can be enclosed with the delivery on request.