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Stainless steel our passion & competence

Stainless steel our passion & competence

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Panel hanger

Panel hangers are heavy-duty support anchors for facades, which are used in pairs for suspended precast concrete slabs.
A suspended access anchor system consists of the so-called "installation part", for concreting into the precast concrete part to be suspended, the in-situ concrete fixing, which can be a dowel or an anchor rail, and the "installation part" connecting both, which usually consists of a threaded rod with head part and nuts.
In the lower and lateral area of the curtain-type precast concrete part, pressure screws and possibly toothed retaining anchors are still required for exact spacing from the load-bearing rear wall. A "suspended access anchor" has a slim design, which means advantages in terms of material costs and low heat transfer. Versatile adjustability and simple installation are also important, as the heavy concrete slabs often have very little room for manoeuvre during installation.

In addition to cantilever anchors (clamping anchors), MOSO® suspended access anchors are therefore particularly economical.
They have a building authority approval and are also quickly available from stock due to the system standard.
On request, our own engineering office for structural analysis will prepare the verifiable structural analysis certificates.