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Stainless steel our passion & competence

Stainless steel our passion & competence

Self-supporting lintel reinforcement

The MOSO® perforated strip stabilizes window and door lintels as a load-bearing component.

It can be used to reinforce Grenardi layers, as well as stretcher courses and 1½-fold Grenadi layers.


MOSO® perforated strip
MOSO® perforated tape is used on the one hand as structural reinforcement for bricklaying, but also performs well in the construction of window and door lintels
The MOSO® perforated strip masonry reinforcement on the role
The MOSO® perforated strip masonry reinforcement on the role

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  • No thermal bridges to the rear masonry  
  • No torsional forces as with angular supports
  • Quick and easy installation  
  • Low space requirement for storage   
  • Hardly any waste, since the sheet metal scissors allow for exact fitting
Use and application
  • Wall connection mounting from brickwork to brickwork
  • Connection fixing from concrete to masonry
  • Crack protection at window and door openings, vertically point-loaded walls and connected building parts with different heights
  • Masonry support for lintel openings

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