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Stainless steel our passion & competence

Stainless steel our passion & competence

Fixing systems for concrete façades

Heavy-duty fasteners for concrete components, especially for precast façades and balconies with practical and technically sophisticated fastening solutions

Fixing systems for masonry façades

Façade anchoring for double-shell masonry with the MOSO® interception bracket system, completely with building authority approvals and verifiable static proofs

MOSO® perforated strip masonry reinforcement

Masonry reinforcement for the realisation of cantilevered lintels over door and window openings and for structural crack protection

Universal concrete fixings

Anchor channels, concrete reinforcement and connection systems, edge protection constructions, joint covers and clamping profiles, mounting profiles and Anchor plates

Special heavy duty fixings

Fastening and decorative elements for listed buildings, holding and supporting anchors for bridges and tunnels, substructures for protective walls and facades of all kinds, and much more

MOSOTHERM - pressure transmitting insulation system

First pressure-transmitting insulation system with general building authority approval, for reducing thermal bridges in double-shell masonry


Dowels and dowel systems for heavy-duty

Heavy-duty dowels, chemical anchors, steel anchors, long-shaft anchor and dowel systems made of Stainless steel from renowned manufacturers


Product areas and categories for fastenings technolody and industrial components