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Stainless steel our passion & competence


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Facing brickwork anchors

The term facing brickwork has its origins in the word facing brick, which is a stone for the facing wall. In the period from 1870 - 1914 these were clinker bricks (bricks fired at high temperatures), which were produced and processed very accurately to size. In addition to the dimensionally accurate stone, the joints were also narrow and precisely designed to please not only as frost-resistant but also visually as exposed masonry.
Today, in addition to its function as an optical cladding and the general weather protection of the building, it also functions as a component for a double-shell heat-insulated façade.

With the MOSO® masonry fastening system, MODERSOHN supplies a perfect system made of high-strength, stainless Lean Duplex steel.
These stainless steels, which have been extensively tested by Modersohn since 2003 and have been approved by the building authorities, are characterised by a slim design, less material usage and thus lower costs and a very low heat transfer in the façade fixings. In addition, the Lean Dupelx steels (1.4062 and 1.4362) offer significantly higher corrosion resistance in this area of application than A4 or A5 steels, even in direct proximity to the sea.