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Facade plug

The term facade anchors, comparable to long-shaft anchors or frame anchors depending on the manufacturer, was coined by Upat from Emmendingen (taken over from Fischer). As a rule, these are plastic expansion anchors with long countersunk or hexagonal head screw, which are used in facades with a longer embedment depth (usually up to 90 mm) and a particularly long fixing shaft. The relatively large embedment depth is intended to improve the retention values also in masonry (also perforated bricks). In the past, façade anchors with a total length of 320 mm were even produced, with a maximum fixing thickness of 230 mm. As the name suggests, the anchors were used almost exclusively in facades and were often used in conjunction with the so-called air layer eyelet anchor for the renovation of double-shell masonry facades.

As a partner of Fischer and Hilti, MODERSOHN supplies a wide variety of frame anchors, including any necessary add-on mounting parts made of stainless steel, aluminium or normal steel.