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Stainless steel our passion & competence


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Attika brick anchor

Attika brick anchors are used to allow the facing shell to be bricked up further beyond the roof edge areas. There is usually no longer a suitable fixing base there which would allow direct fixing with air-layer wire anchors to the rear masonry or concrete. This is particularly the case with flat roofs, where the construction method is most commonly used and where the ceiling slab is mounted in a sliding manner. If the masonry facade is fixed in this concrete, it would break or crack due to the thermal movement. Therefore, one fastens in the supporting concrete underneath (ring beam) and must secure the protruding masonry wall with a rigid rail construction and wall connection anchors.

MODERSOHN supplies these attika brick anchor most frequently for dowelling to concrete. The masonry connection anchors are continuously suspended in the mounting rail with the hammer head according to the position of the horizontal joints in the facing brickwork.