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Stainless steel our passion & competence

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Support bracket

Support brackets are load-bearing anchors for the double-shell facing brick facade. Via a usually height-adjustable support anchor head, the forces of the facing shell are transferred laterally into the dislocation base (most concrete) by means of an adjustable wedge plate and a cantilevered gusset plate with pressure point (also adjustable pressure screw). They can be designed as individual support brackets or as angle support brackets.
The single bracket is, as the name suggests, a load bearing anchor for a single load application point. Via the hardened stone composite, the individual brackets arranged in line on a so-called intercepting plane then carry the load of the facing shell (facade).
The angle bracket anchor consists of at least two bearing anchors (load introduction points), which are connected by a continuous, usually firmly welded angle. This is also the advantage of the angle bracket anchor compared to the single bracket anchor, because with the appropriate detailed planning, load introduction points on the support level can be saved. This saves material costs, assembly work and undesired heat transfer.

However, due to its standardisation, the single bracket anchor can be used more flexibly and is generally available from MODERSOHN in the standard load levels from stock.
MODERSOHN also has the CE mark, type tests and the building authority approval Z-21.8-1892 for the support anchor heads and for the prefabricated lintel fastenings Z-21.4-1907.