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Stainless steel our passion & competence

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Serrated restraint anchors

Serrated restraint anchors consist of a flat steel, on one side of which a toothed slotted hole with a toothed counter plate is provided. A dowel or a screw (hammer/hook head screw) is mounted in this hole construction, which can be adjusted by means of the slotted hole. When tightened, the teeth of the two plates interlock and, when the serrations are well defined, ensure a friction-locked connection.
If a serrated restraint anchor is used as a separate component, there are various forms of connection for further connection on the other side: e.g. with a hammer head, a welded-in hammer/hook head screw, a round hole for a dowel fastening or a welded-on round steel mandrel for pinning plates.

MODERSOHN manufactures the serrated restraint anchors with milling cutters as precisely executed and cleanly interlocking serrations. The teeth are dimensioned in the millimetre range in such a way that they cannot become dirty quickly and yet still allow sufficiently fine adjustment in terms of their dimensions.
MODERSOHN also supplies serrated restraint anchors made of high-strength Lean Duplex steels, which can absorb high forces with a particularly slim design.