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Stainless steel our passion & competence

Stainless steel our passion & competence

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Roll layer fixings

In the window or door lintel area of the facing shell, so-called roll layer fixings, are suspended from the interceptor angle structures, when the roll or grenadation layer is attached in a concealed manner. These are usually bent wire parts made of 3 or 4 mm stainless steel wire, which are walled into the vertical joints. In addition, a transverse foundation of the rolling or grenadation layer bricks is then necessary. This makes it possible to securely fasten a brick lintel, even with larger window and door openings, without a supporting angle being visible from below. Such a roll layer fixing can also hang on a masonry reinforcement strip which, like the MOSO® perforated strip, transfers the load-bearing forces laterally into the retaining masonry.

In this case, the roll layer fixings are so-called suspension brackets or perforated tape brackets, with which the roll or grenadation layer is held.
In addition, MODERSOHN also supplies various special variants of rolling or grenadier layer supports for brick or precast concrete lintels.