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Stainless steel our passion & competence

Stainless steel our passion & competence

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Renovation anchor

Refurbishment anchors are manufactured by Modersohn for securing and replacing support and retaining anchors in existing buildings.
Existing fastening systems from past decades were often made of galvanised mild steel and then corroded in certain areas of the building, especially the façade. They are in danger of failing, whereby it is often sufficient for a complete refurbishment if only a part of the supporting or retaining structures are considered critical during the inspection. One reason for such a radical measure is that only a very small part of the cladding or façade can be removed for inspection, so that after viewing (e.g. on the weather side of the façade) the entire façade is discarded. The load-bearing refurbishment anchors are exclusively made of stainless steel of resistance class III of the building supervisory approval Z-30.3-6 or Z-30.3-19 (from Modersohn).

The ease of installation is also important for refurbishment anchors. Modersohn's experienced engineers and technicians can draw on an extensive repertoire of tried and tested fixing systems.