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Looking for a low price supplier of stainless steel plugs or anchor systems from reputable manufacturers? Need occasional technical advice and competent support by civil engineers? Your projects often demand special solutions in the field of plug fixings?

We are a large distributor of stainless steel heavy-duty anchor systems in Germany and have supplied many large construction sites with the appropriate plugs, product systems and stainless steel components for over 30 years. Take advantage of the benefits and our technical know-how.


  • Our large purchasing volumes guarantee favorable purchase prices, even for smaller requirements
  • We stock many of the stainless steel anchor systems
  • Thanks to our standard stock items, we can deliver the exact quantity required, you must not buy whole package units


Product brand Fischer
Anchor planning Our own engineering office for statics
Metal plugs stainless steel - A4 (1.4404, 1.4362) - HCR (1.4529)


  • In façade construction and for façade restoration
  • From material 1.4529 for tunnel construction s.o.
  • For claddings and cover fillets
  • For the fixing of machines and plants


As an authorised dealer of renowned anchor producers, we deliver:

Stainless steel anchors or anchor types

  • Connection anchors – adhesive anchors – reaction anchors – injection anchors
  • Composite mortar – adhesive mortar – injection mortar
  • Anchor rods (ASTA) for the connection anchors and the adhesive mortar, also available in special sizes
  • Undercut anchor – heavy duty anchors – safety anchors
  • Bolt anchors – Anchor bolts – Long-shaft plugs
  • Façade plugs – Frame anchors – also in special lengths up to 320 mm
  • Wall ties – remedial wall ties – restoration cladding ties
  • Hammerset anchor – drop-in anchors – drop-in plugs
  • Scaffold anchors – scaffold plugs – scaffold eyelets
  • Plug anchors – wire ties – eyelet anchors – cavity wall ties

Our fixings department are happy to send you an offer forthwith.