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Stainless steel our passion & competence

Stainless steel our passion & competence

MOSOTherm - thermal separation for facade systems

MOSOTherm - thermal separation for facade systems

Simply an unbeatable team for the reduction of thermal bridging! These are our slim designed facade fixings made of Lean Duplex steel in combination with the load-bearing and stackable 5 or 10 mm thick insulation boards made of glass fiber reinforced plastic.

Energy efficiency is more than ever a topic for facade planners and architects in the field of sustainable and resource-saving construction. That is why we are increasingly being asked for a solution regarding the metallic fastening, which in the case of a double-shell wall construction creates the risk of thermal bridges.

Together with renowned chemists, we have succeeded in developing an insulating material that both reduces thermal bridges and has essential features such as

  • compressive strength
  • creep resistance
  • longevity
  • stackability
EK-U with MOSOTherm
Single bracket anchor EK-U with MOSOTherm
MOSOTherm Examples of use with screws
MOSOTherm Examples of use with screws
MOSOTherm Einbausituation
MOSOTherm installation situation

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The MOSOTherm insulating element is a glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP), which contains a high proportion of hollow glass beads in the resin.
The material is creep and break resistant in a temperature range of +80°C to -40°C.
The determined material density is 1,250 kg/m3.
Tests have shown a water absorption capacity of less than 5.0 %.

In the field of façade fixings, the thermal conductivity is of particular importance, which, depending on the thickness of the tile of approx. 0.14 - 0.16 W/mK, is comparable to that of lightweight vertically perforated bricks.

The insulation boards are available from us in the following formats

  • 4000/520/10 mm
  • 4000/520/5 mm

Individual cuts and drillings can be made at short notice on customer request.

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