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Do you need a special stainless steel formwork since the formwork cannot be removed after completion, and moisture could lead to rust streaks and rust stains?

Do you need a formwork (made of galvanised material) for concrete floors, casing, expansion joints, for shrinkage cracks joints, with dowel connection for power transmission at the joints, with bracing on the joint edges to hinder chipping of the concrete?

We have developed a system which is flexible and which makes floor casing mountable in the shortest time by wedging the elements under one another. We manufacture your needs quickly and economically.


  • We also offer special forms and sizes out of normal steel or stainless steel
  • Low-cost solutions out of plastic tubes with plug and simple nail plate are possible. We have a very large stock of different plastic plugs
  • Openings and recesses can also be delivered with a lid or flap including hinges


Packaging unit on request
Circular sleeves Ø inside 10 - 25 mm
Oval sleeves Ø inside on request
Plastic colors made from recycled materials, colours differ.
Dimensional tolerances coarse, sufficiently dimensioned


  • Openings for fixing systems with gliding mandrel
  • To create room for adjustment on and with fixing systems
  • As an additional formwork on in-situ concrete or prefabricated part for holes or slots
  • Compensation for tolerances and thermal movement around fixings in in-situ concrete and precast parts