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Elastomers balanced bearings are dimensionally stable and durable!

Whole rolls or blank cuts are available short-term from stock. The version without authorisation we refer to as "balance quality" (AQ). The version with authorisation we refer to as "guideline quality" (RQ).

The balanced quality is, without further technical details, but this quality has a permissible compressive stress of approx. 5 N / mm².


  • From the roll, tailored for you as a blank cut, with or without perforation
  • Inexpensive since large quantities direct from elastic manufacturer
  • Complete with the corresponding stainless steel fixing constructions and matching screw or plug connections


Standard roll size unrolled 1200 x 3600 mm
Colour black
Shore hardness A 60 - 65 (+/-5) ShA
Temperature stability - balance quality AQ - guideline quality RQ -30 - 130 °C
-35 - 100 °C


  • For the vibration and shock absorption on precast concrete parts
  • For sound and noise reduction in corridor, stair and roof elements
  • For position correction between the multiple contact points of two components