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For precast concrete columns and other vertically mounted elements.

The self-centring cone has the task of centering the precast part to the predetermined point. Static tasks are not intended.

Made of sheet steel St 1203. A splitting effect in the support is excluded since the cone tip yields from 3.3 Mp load of indentation.


  • Cost reduction thanks to savings in crane hours!
  • A particularly high reduction of installation costs in halls, underground garages and supermarkets
  • Significantly higher precision when moving precast concrete


Type A large
Type A large

Type A elongated
Type A elongated

Type A small
Type A small

For formwork type A
(always reusable, available in 3 sizes)

The cone dimension A and B is always the same, only the edge width is different.

Type A large:
In order to avoid the laborious embedding of cone type A in the formwork shell, we have widened the edge from 75/75 to 200/200. Thus, the slopes for the support leg can run out along the widened edge.

Type A elongated:
This type forms an elongated recess in the concrete and can be understood as a long slot in steel parts. It enables tolerance compensation for disc-shaped parts and a possible displacement of the elements by ± 20mm in the longitudinal direction. To be used for retaining walls, channels and for wall panels in housing construction.

Type A small:
This type is usually sunk levelly in the formwork. This achieves an exact fit without play. If, however, play is desired, the cone is placed on the formwork shell. In this case, there is play of 6-8 mm, caused by material thickness and inclined surface. The installation height can be used to decide the necessary play.


Type B small (base plate 75/75 mm)
Type B small (base plate 75/75 mm)

Type B large (base plate 110/110 mm)
Type B large (base plate 110/110 mm)

cones pressed into the still fresh concrete with claws

Type B with 4 claws for the sleeve
(in 2 base plate sizes)

These cones are not reusable and new ones should always be ordered in time.

Type B small
should be used only for smaller supports.

Type B large
is the progression. It has a wider edge, whereby the supporting surface of the column base on metal is increased. Furthermore, the considerably larger claws prevent shifting in levelling concrete.

After bringing the levelling layer to +/- 0, the cones are pressed into the still fresh concrete with claws.

We recommend a mortar bed of plastic mortar with high stabilty because of the high loads. This work should be carried out carefully and according to alignment. It does require time which is, however, saved tenfold in crane hours. The dent at the top serves as a recipiant. A split in the sleeve facilitates positioning of the support onto the cone.

The self-centring cone planting tool offers a significant simplification of the cone calibration process in alignment and height.


Weight MOSO® item no.
Type A small 140 g 100651
Type A large 950 g 100650
Type A elongated 260 g 100652
Type B small 140 g 100654
Type B large 280 g 100653