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Reinforcement from the reel - it doesn't get more practical than this!

The MOSO® perforated strip was developed to realise self-supporting lintels over door and window openings.

MOSO® perforated tape masonry reinforcement: comfortable to use

Another key area of application is constructive crack safeguarding, to secure buildings permanently against unsightly visible cracks, minimise warranty claims, and - above all:
to make bricklaying as easy as possible.


  • Better claw effect compared to conventional ribbed bar reinforcement in the mortar. The reason is a relatively large enclosed mortar plug compared to a small outer ribbing with bars. This was demonstrated in a comparative test with 
    2 ribbed bars and MOSO® perforated tape.
  • Easy to transport and compact storage in comparison to the bars/rods of other reinforcement systems.


Sheet metal band thickness 0.5 mm
Sheet metal band width 50 mm
Material damp areas High-tensile stainless steel E420
Material dry areas Galvanised normal steel
Roll size box 25, 50 or 100 m
Cutting With hand shears


    • Approved self-supporting lintel reinforcement
    • Wall connection from masonry wall to masonry wall
    • Crack safeguard at window and door openings, vertical walls with point loads, and connected structural components of different heights. 


    Lintel reinforcement acc. to Z-17.1-603 Constructive crack safeguard Constructive crack safeguard Constructive crack safeguard Constructive crack safeguard
    E 420 (high-strength stainless steel) E 235 (stainless steel) Steel (galvanised) Thin bed stainless steel Thin bed steel (galvanised)
    Perforated tape length Item no. Item no. Item no. Item no. Item no.
    25 m (box) 600500 600300 600100 600200 600250
    50 m (box) 600510 600310 600110 600210 600260
    100 m (box) 600320
    Perforated tape stay Packaging unit Item no.
    050 (heading course)* 100 pieces 600660
    090 (upright course of bricks) 100 pieces 600600
    190 (brick-on-edge course) 100 pieces 600610
    310 (1.5 times brick-on-edge course)* 50 pieces 600650

    *not part of approval

    Mounting accessories (applications - see assembly instructions) Packing unit Item no.
    Rear anchor bracket for transmission of force in the pressure zone 100 pieces 600620
    Round bar 4 x 250 mm for pinning of brick courses 100 pieces 600630

    The MOSO® perforated tape masonry reinforcement on the role.

    A broad range of applications!

    • Whether for settlement, pressure or stress cracks, MOSO® perforated tape masonry reinforcement is the solution for 
      the optical elimination of cracks in the masonry.
    • With approval by the Building Research Institute (Berlin), the MOSO® perforated tape masonry reinforcement can be used for masonry lintels as a supporting reinforcement element.
    • The MOSO® perforated tape masonry reinforcement is ideal as a connecting reinforcement from masonry to masonry 
      or to concrete.
    • The MOSO® perforated tape masonry reinforcement is even used under the tiles especially on wooden floors.
    • The high-strength and thin stainless steel sheet profile with arched holes is also suitable for thin mortar bed joints.
    • For glue joints there is a variant without arched holes available, so that even the reinforcement of joints with a width of 
      1 mm is not a problem.

    Virtually no waste and no overlapping necessary!

    The perforated tape is taken out of the storage and shipping box and can be cut with plate shears and processed according to requirements with virtually no wastage. The MOSO® perforated tape masonry reinforcement can even be layed without joints around corners by simple folding. It does not matter whether the hole arching lies upward or downward in the joint.

    Institutions that have examined and tested MOSO® perforated tape:

    • State Material Testing Office NRW, Dortmund (MPA NRW)
    • Institute of Integral Building Construction, University of Applied Sciences, FH Bielefeld - Campus Minden - Research
    • Institute of Building Materials Research (IBAC), Aachen
    • Material Testing Institute for Materials and Manufacturing Engineering, Hanover (MPA Hannover)

    DIBt, German Institute for Structural Engineering, Berlin

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