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For large lintel openings

MOSO® perforated strip masonry reinforcement with support anchors

Lintel construction lw > 2.51 m ≤ 5.01 m

Thanks to the combination of officially approved MOSO® perforated strip type 50 E 420 and MOSO® support anchors lintels over 2.51 m are possible.


  • Wide lintel openings for strip windows or wide sliding doors
  • Load transfer in masonry piers is reduced by the support of the EK-W consoles
  • Support brackets available in stock for all popular wall distances.


  • Individual lengths are accurately cut with plate shears, thus overlaps are not usually necessary
  • Dimensions: 50 x 0.5 mm
  • Material: high-strength stainless steel E420
  • Packaging unit: 25, 50, 100 m
  • Perforated strip wire stays: for upright or brick-on-edge course; heading course on request


  • The installation of support brackets allows MOSO® perforated strip to be used for clear spans of > 2.51 m
  • The support brackets are anchored in the concrete on the supporting wall shell with type approved fasteners
  • Other support variants are possible. Our technical experts are happy to advise you.
  • The anchor spacing between the support brackets should be selected in accordance with the planned brickwork height
  • A second layer of MOSO® perforated strip is installed in the second bed joint above the first layer
  • Perforated tape stays ensure a secure connection to the lower brick course, and should be installed at intervals of 
    ≤ 25 cm
  • Further information is provided in the installation instructions
  • We can supply rods in 4 x 250 mm for the necessary pining of the brick course


Material requirements per lintel1
Width of opening lw [m]2.763.013.263.513.764.014.264.514.765.01
Height of brickwork h [m]0.42 – 1.60
Sym. anchor spacing ak [m] 0.75
Number of support brackets EK-W 3.53444555666
Cutting length of perforated strip [m] (2x)3.483.733.984.234.484.734.985.235.485.73
Quantity of perforated strip stays (...)11121314151617181920

1 Plan for additional pinnings of brick courses on-site.
Please note: The minimum height of masonry overlying the MOSO® perforated strip is 5 layers NF (≥ 42 cm).