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Spacers for façades

"Spacers for façades" is a term taken from lightweight façade construction. Crucial for a so-called double-shell façade is the existing air layer and / or insulating material layer behind the façade cladding. The "spacer" primarily serves as a "restraint anchor" for the relatively lightweight cladding elements in wind and snow loads and for an adjustable and easy installation. These fixing systems are increasingly being manufactured from stainless steel and not aluminum as before. The reason is the favorable thermal conductivity in austenitic or duplex stainless steel. Whilst aluminum is specified with a λ (lambda value [W/m*K]) of 150, the scheduled stainless steel grades have a λ of 15. By comparison, ferritic steel (normal steel) is specified at λ = 45.

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Anchor for façade cladding

The concept of façade cladding includes virtually all forms of building protection which provide the frame, i.e. the outer structures, resistance against environmental influences. The term "anchor" indicates the securing of heavy loads, so heavy duty façades are the theme once again. Modersohn is a specializing company for the planning and delivery of façade anchors for double-shell masonry or precast concrete. Product Information: Modersohn façade anchors.