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We are experts for the surface treatment of stainless steel.

You receive all significant surfaces machining processes from a single source: Glass bead blasting, stainless steel grain blasting, pickling, Surface grinding, body grinding and sheet metal deburring. Contract blasting, pickling and grinding takes place in modern facilities, so that a high standard of quality is guaranteed.


  • All major stainless steel surface processing methods from one source
  • Particularly experienced stainless steel grinder for sensitive surfaces
  • Pickling in one of the most advanced spray pickling plants on the market


The investment in 2 new injector blasting machines, with a blasting chamber for small and large components, allows processing of profiles, frameworks and racks as well as surfaces, e.g. on housings, containers, claddings or ornamental elements. Very fine filigree glass beads act as abrasives with which an optimum surface can be achieved. The glass bead blasting is particularly suitable to produce quickly and consistently clean surfaces in nooks and crannies of weldments.


We have also invested in and installed automatic portal body grinding systems to complement the existing manufacturing equipment for surface machining. They offer the possibility for welding thicker sheets (sheet thicknesses over 8 mm to 110 mm). The grinding width of the new facilities is 2800 mm with a maximum grinding height of 1700 mm.

The machines allow automatic use of different grinding belts during a work step - allowing for a perfect surface without offset and very fine grinding patterns.

Grinding is possible even for hot-rolled or cogged large plates: ideal for heavy components and sheets. In addition to the new plant, we have other grinding plants and are therefore able to process larger piece numbers quickly. We also have two grinding and deburring systems that can process sheet metal in wet grinding and dry grinding processes thanks to wide rolls and plates. The result is a uniform micrograph with simultaneous deburring and/or slight rounding of the edges, for example, for lasered or plasma burnt sheet metal parts.


The advantage of a complete Modersohn in-house production: Thanks to our specializing in stainless steel, the cost factor of waste material plays a much smaller role.