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It is worthwhile to make special tools for large batches. It makes sense to use special slit strip processing plants in order to not have to manually feed, trigger and pull out such series of stainless steel components made of sheet metal. These are mechanical or hydraulic presses which are connected to special slit strip processing, alignment equipment as well as component collection or wind up equipment. With a stroke of the press every second (or faster), several operations are carried out by the press tools attatchments. Therefore, these tools are also known as "follow-on tools".

These tools are, of course, relatively complex and therefore expensive to manufacture. Only series of several thousand units upwards are worthwhile. Productions are most profitable when thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of parts, as with our mounting system components from the sales area M-FIXINGS are involved.

Even these parts do not overburdon such machines in multiple shifts, therefore, we can offer comparatively favorable production possibilities for your serial parts. Our plants operate mechanically and hydraulically. Hydraulic presses can be even more precise for compression and embossing processes, in order to make the use of flow processes in the material cheaper. The mechanical presses, however, are true "workhorses", that is, very durable and almost completely free of malfunctions when it comes to punching and bending parts at high production speeds. Our presses operate at up to 120 strokes per minute and can handle sheet thicknesses up to 5 mm (e.g. material 1.4301).

The slit strip width and, therefore, workpiece widths are limited to 250 mm across. Lengthways, of course, you can produce larger dimensions, depending on the part design.

For more information, see pressed profiles and rolled profiles.

Your advantages:

Looking for a manufacturer of special system components who can produce quickly and cheaply in large quantities of sheet metal? We can! Our slit strip processing plants and relevant follow-on tools produce punched/formed parts with no problem with high repeat accuracy.