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We can form round holes with collars in thin sheets and thin-walled tubes with high-speed upright drilling machines. This gives holes excellent bracing and a thread can be cut in further processing. The collar is higher depending on hole size and is usually suitable for a sufficient number of threads.

Hole sizes up to 12 mm diameter are possible. We can handle sheet thicknesses up to max. 20 mm. The manual drilling and countersinking is of great importance for single item production and small series with precise holes. We can manufacture precision holes and cuts up to a hole diameter of 50 mm thanks to several bench drills.

Furthermore, we also have the possibility of automation,  which allows to produce large series, for example, in flat steel, quickly and inexpensively. Accurate information on actual size and shape of countersunk screws is required in advance when countersinking is to take place since manufacturers can have different standards and shapes.

We therefore recommend that we supply the countersunk screws in order to be sure that the countersunk head fits exactly. If this is not possible, a sample or dimensional drawing helps with the fine-tuning.

Your advantages:

Fast, inexpensive and strong! Round holes formed with the flow-forming process are particularly suitable for threaded holes and hole reinforcements in thin sheet metal. If desired, we provide you with a small sample for assessment.