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As well as our own product systems for heavy duty fixing technology, in the M-CUSTOM segment we also produce a wide variety of special and serial structures, mainly made of stainless steel.

The following branches are regular customers:

  • Mechanical engineering, (components for machines in the food industry, medical technology, packaging industry, vehicle supply industry etc.)
  • Plant engineering and environmental technology (components for conveyor technology, waste water treatment plants, high purity water production, water purification technology, hazardous material storage, system tubs and containers, wind turbines, solar power plants, biogas plants etc)
  • Steel trade, building materials, industrial supplies (stainless steel blanks, stainless steel profiles, standard parts, special, turned and milled parts)
  • Locksmith and metal construction (heavy stainless steel welded constructions and structures made of materials with higher processing requirements, such as high-strength stainless steels in joining technology)

In order to provide the best possible service and short-term delivery dates, we work in two shifts and usually on Saturdays. This way, we make optimum use of modern machinery and production plants and are able to offer even cheaper special offer prices, thus, reducing costs.

Your advantages:

Our M-CUSTOM department has immense production capabilities to meet our customers' special requirements at short term. The aim is also to provide as wide a range of processing options for our customers as possible with the special production equipment. It is the only way to produce complex projects quickly and cost-effectively.