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Refurbishment and reconstruction of historic buildings. Fixings for churches, castles and other listed buildings.

In addition to the new stainless lean duplex materials, such as 1.4362, the familiar material grades 1.4404 (A4), 1.4401 (A4) 1.4571 (A5), 1.4541 (A3) and 1.4301 (A2) are also available. All have a very high resistance to aggressive environmental influences (corrosion).

Stainless steel is the ideal material, in particular, for the fixing and facing constructions of churches, cathedrals and castles, whose basic structures need to be maintained over centuries. Moisture permeates almost every area of old buildings over time and leads to the corrosion of important structural components (steel fixings). This also applies to galvanized steel since the thin layer of zinc has no lasting stability, especially in damp brickwork or in the moist alkaline environment of mortar and concrete!


  • Planning support with our own engineering office for structural analysis. Manufacturing of special or custom constructions with extensive machinery and a large raw material stock, from the one-off production to series
  • Specialist welding company with manufacturer qualification class E and further certificates, see "Tests / approvals"
  • Many years of experience in the production of fixing constructions for historical monument restoration (see references, e.g. "Frauenkirche Dresden" etc.)


Fixing plate thickness up to 150 mm
Tie anchors circular diameter up to 60 mm
Thread diameter up to M 56
Flashings up to 20 mm thick
Profile lengths up to 14 m


  • Tensile anchors, tendon anchor
  • Support profile and framework constructions
  • St. Andrew's crosses, retaining plates, decorative plates
  • Pin anchors, threaded rods, ribbed bars
  • Tap wrench for windows
  • Wooded beam fixings
  • Mortar anchors, paddle anchor
  • Substructures fo spires and domes

Anchor grips

It is necessary to clarify in advance how long the tension rods must be and which type of end and connecting links are required. We can provide you with very large thread cross sections. Tension rods can be as long as they are still transportable and mountable. We have authorisation to manufacture the common round steel bar dimensions without X-ray or ultrasonic testing of the welded connection joints.

Unlike the threaded rods, which we carry  in stock up to to 3000 mm length, the double end tension rods are made of round steel bars with partial thread on both ends. Most commonly, the double ends are 5-8 meters in length and have a diameter of 20-42 mm.

It is necessary to clarify whether connection links are designed as clamping connections (clamping sleeve with right/left thread) or simply as a joint with right-hand thread (connecting sleeve). The use of a simple, cheaper connecting sleeve is possible, if the clamping process can be carried out on the ends of the anchor grips (on the end plates) and the masonry.

Pulley constructions

In the deflection structures next to the correct power transmission it is particularly important to ensure good mountability (for example, attachment in narrow building niches).

End plates

We manufacture St. Andrew's crosses, round or square decorative plates and simple retaining and pressure distribution plates. We can process stainless steel plates up to a thickness of 110 mm with our plasma cutting machine. Normal plate thickness is 20-40 mm, depending on the static calculations and load-bearing capacity of the masonry.

Profiles, girder and supporting structures

We manufacture profile constructions on our brake presses up to to 20 mm material thickness. For large frame structures and very thick profiles we have the verification of suitability according to DIN 18800-7 = Higher Welding Certificate. Rolled or drawn profiles can also be obtained, but are not recommended because of the high cost of raw materials and long procurement time.

Pin anchors

We have an extensive stainless steel V4A (1.4571) ribbed bar stock of up to 14 mm diameter and lengths up to 6000 mm. Ribbed bars in larger diameters and lengths can be procured, but without approval from the Institute for Building Technology in Berlin. We can also provide chopped threaded rods instead of ribbed bars.

Tap wrenches

We produce thick flat steels with attached bolts for glass enclosures. The abutment is a thinner sheet metal blank with round holes. We can also manufacture round or differently shaped glass enclosures using our laser system.

Wooden beam fixings

Matching wooden beam fixings in stainless steel are also available.

  • Supporting saddles
  • Supporting shoes
  • Mounting brackets
  • Nail plates
  • Setting plugs
  • Wood screws

Technical support

Our own engineering office for structural design can assist with the solution of various fixing problems.