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Your advantages

  • We are a specialist welding company with manufacturer qualifications type E for dynamic loads among others.
  • We are manufacturers of stainless steel anchor rails and can quickly and inexpensively deliver the appropriate profile sizes, incl. hammerhead or hookhead bolts.
  • As an authorised dealer for renowned plug and screw manufacturers we can also supply the appropriate screw and plug elements


Fixing plate thicknesses up to 150 mm
Surface treatments abrasive blasting, sanding, pickling, passivation
Max. component sizes width and height - length according to transportation possibilities approx. 14 meters.


  • Substructures as truss framework made of stainless steel
  • Tension and deflection structures for bracing
  • Support, supporting and retaining structures for concrete elements and lines
  • Channels, gutters, sealing and clamping profiles