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We are specialists in the development, planning, production and supply of fixing systems made of stainless steel for a variety of applications and industries.

These include:   

  • Retaining and supporting anchors for bridges and tunnels
  • Fixings and decorative elements for listed buildings
  • Substructures for protective walls and façades of all kinds
  • Glass fixings
  • Scaffold anchors
  • Clamping strips and elements, for example, for sealing films and sealants
  • and also gravestone anchors or special trellis

… and many other fixing solutions for all construction and assembly areas. 
If it is about stainless steel as a material, then you have come to the right place!


Your advantages:

  • Our own engineering office for structural design solves your special and demanding fixing situations
  • Even small series or one-off productions present no problems
  • With us you get optimised assembly instructions to match the application components
  • Our sales departments, in cooperation with our CAD and AV departments, prepare extensive offers with the appropriate technical documentation
  • We also supply fixings in special materials, e.g. for corrosion resistance class IV of dDIBt approval Z-30.3-6, such as the materials 1.4462, 1.4529, 1.4539, 1.4547

Heavy duty fixings is a collective term in the building industry, which, experience shows, describes support and retaining anchors with load classes above 2.5 kN. Amongst these are lightweight fixings which manage with simple expansion anchors made of plastic for example.


Façade substructures is a collective term for all the retaining and supporting anchor systems behind the façade cladding. Whereby a closely related system based profile construction is meant rather than an array of individual anchors. The expectation is that such a substructure also offers a great deal of adaptation and adjustment possibilities for specific mounting situations. Modersohn provides such profile systems for heavy duty façades (masonry and precast concrete façades) and in particular for façade areas with difficult mounting substrates. These are , for example, windpost systems or fascia fixings. These systems ensure high stability and adjustability.