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We have the Higher Welding Certificate according to DIN 18800-7!

As part of the procedure tests for the material 1.4529, bending tests on 15 mm thick sheets were carried out to see how evenly and homogeneous our weld joints are.

It was noted here that not even the smallest crack formed in the weld area. Our factory is regularly checked by the Welding, Training and Research Institute (SLV) in Duisburg.


  • We offer numerous profile welding possibilities, plasma, laser, arc welding, TIG, etc.
  • Our welding engineer, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolf Berend Busch, and our welding expert, Rüdiger Gottwald, can help quickly with words and deeds even for complicated profile variants
  • Perfect weld finishing is already in the house with M-CUSTOM. See surface treatment.


Sheet thickness up to over 50 mm
Welded tubular profiles up to wall thickness 20 mm
Profile lengths up to approx. 14 m
Profile piece weights up to 5 t
Profile pickling up to approx. 11 m length in a spray pickling plant


  • With our water jet and laser cutting machines, we can produce pluggable metal profiles in which welding is only necessary to secure the position
  • Water jet cutting allows bevelling of the cutting edges, which can be very useful in the weld seam preparation
  • Our own engineering office for structural design can provide you with a statical verification of the profiles