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Your advantages:

  • Tubular profiles are delivered ready sawed, bent and welded - all from one source
  • We deliver special sizes and shapes according to customer specifications, and have quick access to works productions, as well as our own production facilities
  • Thanks to our flowform drilling units, we can pre-cut threaded holes with formed collars even in thin-walled tubular profiles
  • Our tube laser system cuts recesses accurately (even around corners) in the round or square tubes


Fixed length sawing off up to 340 x 700 mm profile cross-section
Miter cuts up to 45°, single right-angled cut also as as a bundle with automatic feed
Lasered tubes lengths up to 4000 mm diameter up to 300 mm, lengths > 4000 mm diameter up to 120 mm
Tube lengths max. 12 m


  • We also deliver matching pipe clamps, supports and welded constructions if required
  • The available tube shapes and finishings:

    • Welded round tubes up to 1000 mm diameter
    • Seamless round tubes
    • Hollow steel
    • Welded square and rectangular tubes
    • Special profile tubes, pressed or folded