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With a hydraulic high-speed blanking press we can produce a wide variety of moulded parts from slit strip for bracing, shoulder pieces, labels and markings. It is also possible to produce various shapes e.g. pressed-out ventilation slots, on a punching and nibbling center.


  • Cost-effective and fast production of small perforated and bent sheet metal parts
  • Even complicated embossing and forming operations are possible
  • Embossed lettering can take place immediately


Slit strip width up to 320 mm (dependent upon material thickness)
Slit strip thickness up to 6 mm (dependent upon slit strip width)
Working speed up to 120 strokes/min.


  • Small profiles in larger series of slit strip processing plants coupled with hydraulic and mechanical presses
  • Our technicians develop processing or follow-on tool according to your specifications
  • We also have high-strength stainless duplex steels