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In addition to the bending and levelling machines for wires, steel bars and pipes in small series (see photos), we can offer interesting possibilities for processing large series on bending machines.

Bent parts are produced in a wide variety of shapes and sizes (see fig.).


  • Roll bending of steel bars and tubes, in smaller quantities or even single pieces
  • Certain angle profiles with thin high shafts are possible
  • We let you know whether a rounded, curved or composition of sheet metal blanks can be provided faster and cheaper!


Profile heights up to 300 mm
Profile diameter solid material up to 60 mm
Profile lengths up to 12 m
Rectangular tubes up to 160/60/4 mm
Angle profiles 3/4 mm with shafts 100/60 mm
Twisting of flat steel bars up to 40/8 mm


  • A sample in advance for larger series
  • Rounding of flat steel bars, also over the high edge
  • Twisting of flat steel bars
  • Opposing rounding with precise radii