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We offer new dimension water jet cutting, faster than conventional systems due to cutting pressure performance > 6000 bar and a multiaxial controlled cutting head. The special shape of the system and the cutting head enables bevels angular cutting of plate edges. The high pressure performance can be exploited perfectly for the cutting of several sheets/panels on top of each other - because it eliminates the frequent board changes.

Due to a pressure of 6500 bar, thick stainless steel sheets can be cut very quickly and inexpensively as with plasma cutting. In comparison to plasma cutting, the cutting edge is significantly more accurate and is more suitable for subsequent twisting or machining. More and more customers therefore buy inexpensive water-jet cuts with almost 100 % feed rate at over 6000 bar.


  • Excellent cutting edges without thermal changes or carburizing, thus optimum surface quality for subsequent machining
  • Surfaces cutting edge the same as glass bead blasted in appearance and thus immediately metallically clean so that the necessary passive layer for stainless steel immediately forms without any reworking
  • Right angle, burr-free cut, so that reworking is not necessary in many cases
  • No thermal distortion in the sheets
  • With the special multiaxial controlled cutting head, even small curves and corners in thick quarto sheets are no problem


Cut grades fine cut, quality cut, simple separation cut (please specify when ordering, request samples if necessary!)
Sheet thicknesses up to 150 mm and more (depending on the average cutting speed)
Material stainless steel, normal steel, aluminium, copper, brass, plastic
Profile types sheets/panels, square tubes, other profiles such as angles, U-profiles etc. in consultation
Sheet/panel large formats max. 2000 (2100) x 7200 (8000) mm ((bracketed values table sizes)
Sheet format sizes max. 2000 x 6000 mm


  • Just like our laser systems, the water jet cutting system runs in a 2 and 3-shift operation, as well as on most Saturdays - so you receive your much needed blanks or components quickly
  • Diverse quarto plate thicknesses 10-60 (110) mm in 1.4301/1.4307, 1.4404/1.4571 and also in lean duplex stainless steel 1.4362 are in stock
  • 24-hour service for small required quantities on request