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For strip blanks in which no particular quality requirements are placed on the cutting edge, the shear cutting is still the cheapest and fastest means of production. Our guillotine shears cut stainless steel to material up to a thickness of 5 mm. The cut metal strips are aligned immediately during the cutting operation.

We process sheet formats up to 2000 x 4000 mm on the guillotine shears shown.

Longer lengths over 4000 mm are also possible. On our notcher, we can cut stainless steel sheet thicknesses up to 10 mm, 90° corners and limb length 290/290 mm. The profile steel shears can cut off round steel bars up to a diameter of 45 mm, flat steel to material thickness 20 mm and angle profiles up to dimensions 120/120/12 mm. The maximum width for flat profiles is 500 mm.


  • In cases where a simple straight cut is sufficient, e.g. on sheet strips, shear cutting is still the cheapest cutting method
  • The cutting edge is slightly pinched but does not undergo any thermal changes, so that subsequent machining is unproblematic
  • In addition to the straight 3 or 4 meter cutting lengths, smaller blanks or even profiles can be sheared on the notcher
  • We have 2 slit strip processing plants (up to 120 strokes per minute), on which large series can be sheared at high-speed 


Sheet thickness 1 mm to 8 mm
Material stainless steel, normal steel, aluminium
Profile types sheets, flat steel bars
Plate format sizes max. 2000 x 4000 mm
Notching up to a sheet thickness of 8 mm
Hole and slot punching with a battery punch driver
Punched holes with hole warping


  • Our shearers run in shifts, and on most Saturdays - so you receive your much needed blanks or components quickly
  • Various broad strip thicknesses up to 5 mm
  • 24-hour service for small required quantities on request