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With the upright angle grinder, we can cut smaller series of round or threaded steel economically and cleanly. Diameters up to 16 mm are possible. The hand held devices allow a quick and easy post-processing of large components. we can saw bunches and profiles up to dimension 340 x 700 mm with a dual column band saw. Bar lengths up to 12 meters are possible. The automatic feed for right angles cuts allows inexpensive and quick processing.


  • Profiles and steel bars can be cut automatically in bundles to fixed lengths
  • Even individual sections are easily possible without great effort
  • Economical and reliable


Profile and bundle sizes up to 340 x 720 mm
Tube and steel bar lengths up to 12.000 mm
Material stainless steel, normal steel, aluminium, brass
Miter cuts up to 45° possible
Angle grinding for steel bars up to 16 mm diameter
Cutting off of rolled or folded profiles with form shearing tools as an inexpensive and cost-effective methodn


  • Our saws and angle grinding devices run in shifts, and on most Saturdays - so you receive your much needed blanks or components quickly
  • Various round steel bars of 6-50 mm in 1.4301 / 1.4307, 1.4404 / 1.4571 and also in lean duplex stainless steel 1.4362 are in stock.
  • We provide round, square, rectangular tubes and hollow steel at fixed lengths from stock according to your needs
  • 24-hour service for required small quantities on request